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There is lot of difference between getting fans and getting customers.

When you are trying to get customers, you keep adding stuff till it becomes unbearable, you want it to be perfect so you never ship and you are so afraid of making a point and believing in a cause.

But when you are working on getting fans & audience – you love them, teach them, grow with them, build with them, ship often and above all – it’s enjoyed from both sides.

And that’s marketing! Here is Steve Jobs crowing about it:

Entrepreneurs often want to highlight every single feature on their landing page. I’ve seen landing pages filled to the brim with cliches, buzz words, and jargon that simply don’t convert visitors into customers. A lot of consumer facing landing pages are focused on the wrong things.

I’ve discovered that’s it not your products features that sell people on your software, it’s their perceived experience with your app. Users are more concerned with “How will buying this app make my life better?”, than “Our new version benchmarks 6% faster”. Giving people an emotional connection with your app is paramount in gaining users.

Give your customers an emotional hook that they can latch on to and own. People are much more passionate about emotions than they are numbers.