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Launching in Beta is a common method to prevent the havoc of an imperfect release, and lately it’s been utilized as a promotional technique. Most of Google’s products are launched in beta in small, often buggy patches. But indeed, it builds Buzz, pun intended.  The important thing to remember is: Finding great beta testers is key to your startup’s success.Follow these steps below to get beta testers for your startup, all while building your brand.

Instead of using launchrock or building a custom launchrock clone, we made the effort to move forward. We built our custom viral system based on the best examples out there, adding some further fresh ideas we had during the process. I’ll go through the explanation like a story more than a broth of data, this way you can understand the whys behind our choices.

Google+, Hipster, and Instagram! They all hit a gazillion users in no time at all — and you can even read all about it in everyday media today. This is every product creator’s dream. Ok, granted, Google already had their users well before the launch of its social extension. But how did the other ones succeed in building such a strong fellowship in a few months (or even days)?